Teacher Attempts To Justify Sex With Students With THIS Insane Claim


This teacher is insane with this claim what is thinking trying to do this, these teachers are crazy this is always happening.

Why are teacher having so much sex with students, this is the craziest thing, why don’t they wait until they graduate to have a relationship with them.

Will these teachers ever learn? Probably not it doesn’t seem like they are going to atop anytime soon.

Meet Brianne Altice, she is the teacher being charged for touching two students genitals, and having sex with three boys that were only 16 and 17.
This lady is crazy she said that she was doing the kid a favor and this was helping his grades go up.

She is crazy for doing this and think that she was going to get away with it.
I guess everyone should try to get with their teachers is what she is saying here? Don’t do this guys it isn’t going to be a good time for the both of you, and teachers stop doing this with your students its weird.

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