Shocking Celebrity Drug Confessions!


These celebs confess about using drugs and you would have never guessed some of these, but most of them you all know that they do drugs.

These celebs confess about their dark times of doing drugs and some of them still do them, they need to stop.

Some of these guys just smoke a little weed their is nothing wrong with that just as long they aren’t selling or buying in big quantities.

1. Demi Lovato.
She got so bad into the drug scene that she had to bring cocaine on to a plane.

2. Seth Rogen.
Seth always appears in drug movies or doing drugs in movies, he smokes pot on a daily basis.

3. Drew Barrymore.
She got caught in the drugs had a good time, then she grew up when she had kids and a husband.

4. Lena Dunham.
She tried coke when she was younger and she sneezed it out every time and she said it wasn’t a good time for her.

5. Lauren Conrad.
She went to rehab for substance abuse and alcoholism.

6. James Franco.
He used to smoke pot when he was younger, and now looks like he’s on drugs all the time but he’s not.

7. Lindsay Lohan.
We all know she has had her fair share of being in rehab constantly, but she has gotten a lot better.

8. Miley Cyrus.
She sings about it in her songs and she does it on stage and you can see that drugs have changed her life.

9. Adam Levine.
He had a really bad experience with drugs, he and his friends were at a diner and they had something in their food and they woke up an hour later.

10. Leighton Meester.
She talked about her past and told everyone about how much fun she had when she was doing drugs.

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