Kim Kardashian DEVASTATED After Being Called A BAD Mom.. After She Did This To North West!


Why in the world would someone ever call her a bad mother after her kid fell on the ground while she was using her phone.

Everyone is making this a big deal yeah she should have helped her up, but its not like she fell down something big or on something.

She tripped over herself and she was helped up she wasn’t crying or anything.

But it wasn’t right that she didn’t help her up or acknowledged that she fell but she isn’t a bad mother by any means, their is way worse out their, she still should lay off the phone when walking around with North West.

1. This isn’t the first time North West fell on Kim’s watch.
Kim Kardashian needs to stop making herself look bad on social media or things get out of control like this.

2. This is the video of North West falling while Kim was on her phone.

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