K. Michelle Hospitalized After Her Butt Shots Reached Freezing Temperature..


This is why you don’t get butt implants because you never know what could happen when you get them, K. Michelle didn’t know this was going happen to her.

I bet she regrets getting these, because now she doesn’t have that perfect butt anymore, now she’s probably going to have a lot of problems with it from here on out.

The butt may be the most looked at part of the body but their is no reason to have this done and risk having this happen to you.

1. K. Michelle got fake implants in her butt big mistake…

2. She was rushed to the hospital after her butt implants froze.

3. Her butt looked nice and big… But now we don’t know if she is going to have a butt after tp this.

4. May this be a warning to everyone that its a very good idea to get butt implants.

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