Celebs Who Humiliated Themselves While In Public


These celebs really embarrassed themselves here in these images I can’t believe how did they do some of this stuff without expecting someone to catch on to them.

You guys will be surprised at what they did to get on this list, its really embarrassing, I never seen someone embarrass themselves as bad as these celebs.

You’re going to laugh at some of these, they are really funny its to bad that they did this stuff.

1. Justin Bieber.
While performing on stage Justin puked mid performance how embarrassing, he then apologized for that happening.

2. Britney Spears.
She was performing on stage when her hair extension fell out on the stage.

3. Katy Perry.
She was performing “I Kissed a Girl” then fell on to a giant pink cake.

4. Jennifer Lawrence.
It wouldn’t be an award show without Jennifer falling while going up or going down stairs.

5. Fergie.
She was performing on stage when she went to the bathroom uh oh this is definitely the worts in this list.

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