Daughter Of DEA Head Busted As A Drug Lord

She is considered the most adorable Kingpin, but her dad isn’t very happy with her after catching her in one of the biggest drug busts of all time. She did follow along with her fathers..
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Kim Kardashian DEVASTATED After Being Called A BAD Mom.. After She Did This To North West!

Why in the world would someone ever call her a bad mother after her kid fell on the ground while she was using her phone. Everyone is making this a big deal yeah she should..
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K. Michelle Hospitalized After Her Butt Shots Reached Freezing Temperature..

This is why you don’t get butt implants because you never know what could happen when you get them, K. Michelle didn’t know this was going happen to her. I bet she regrets getting these,..
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Teacher Attempts To Justify Sex With Students With THIS Insane Claim

This teacher is insane with this claim what is thinking trying to do this, these teachers are crazy this is always happening. Why are teacher having so much sex with students, this is the craziest..
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The Very Best Butts In Leggings, #9 Tops All Charts

Your going to love these sexy ladies when you see their butts in these leggings, share this with your friends your going to surprised how fast you hit that bookmark to come visit these ladies..
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These Strangers Give Each Other Handjobs For The First Time.. (Video)

This is a really weird experiment to do, why would someone give a random person a hand job they never met them before. I’m sure the guys are going to love this experiment, who doesn’t..
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Celebs Who Humiliated Themselves While In Public

These celebs really embarrassed themselves here in these images I can’t believe how did they do some of this stuff without expecting someone to catch on to them. You guys will be surprised at what..
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Love & Hip Hop Star Hazel-E Reveals A SHOCKING SECRET About Katt Williams…

No seen this one coming she just dropped a big bombshell on us all, Katt Williams wasn’t expecting this one. Hazel and Katt Williams were going to have a baby, but she miscarried and it..
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When Your Neighbors Hot Ex Model Wife Posts THESE Pics Online

These models are smoking hot, how can anyone want to be an ex to these girls, my mouth is watering after seeing these lovely girls curves. Look at the arch on those girls, she is..
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Shocking Celebrity Drug Confessions!

These celebs confess about using drugs and you would have never guessed some of these, but most of them you all know that they do drugs. These celebs confess about their dark times of doing..
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